How To Clean Tapestry Wall Hanging? Maintenance & Preservation Tips for Longevity

Tapestries can tell unique stories and add elegance to the living spaces. But this artwork should be handled properly to retain its aesthetic beauty.

Does your home associate a tapestry on its wall, and are you wondering how to take care of that unique work? Then, you are at the right place. 

Before you dive into the maintenance guidelines, it's essential to know the materials from which the tapestry is made.

Usually, most tapestries are composed of mixed materials, such as wool and cotton or combined. In order to increase durability, some may even use synthetic fibres.

By being aware of the composition, you can adjust your care regimen. Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions, as different materials might call for other handling techniques.

In this blog post, we will discuss the effective care practices that can add value to the longevity and vibrancy of the tapestry.

Caring for Your Tapestry: Maintenance and Preservation Tips for Longevity

Maintenance and Preservation Tips for Longevity

Once you have decorated your walls with a hanging tapestry, it will require a few steps to follow regularly for maintenance.

These small steps daily will ensure the longevity of your unique piece of work. It may take some time to understand the recommendations, but once you get this, the tapestry will look new.

A few points mentioned will guide you to follow the appropriate steps for the care of your tapestries. 

Ways To Protect The Tapestry From Dust

One can follow the below recommendations to protect the tapestry from dust. 

1. Apply a soft brush to clean your tapestry regularly. Make sure the meeting has natural bristles.

2. Apply a little amount of pressure to eliminate the dust particles.

3. To keep the tapestry dust-free, cover it with materials like mesh or transparent cloth. Plastic should not be used as it can retain moisture and harm the tapestry.

4. If the tapestry has historical significance or substantial value, frame or exhibit it.

5. Make sure the space where the tapestry is on display is dust-free and clean. To lower dust levels, use air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters.

6. To provide various sections of the tapestry with light and ventilation, rotate or flip it. Use clean hands to handle the tapestry and refrain from touching it unnecessarily.

7. Refrain from hanging tapestries in busy areas.

How To Remove Wrinkles From Tapestries?

If your tapestry is stored at a fixed place for a long time, it might develop a cease or two. One may need help in making it smooth again. Try lying it on a flat surface with an old sheet or a long piece of cloth on the top. It will help protect the tapestry from dust, sunlight or your pets.

Put some items on the top of it for a weight down. You must wait a few days, and the tapestry will be flattened. Also, you can use iron in low to medium heat at the back of the tapestry. 

Recommendations To Avoid Premature Fading 

Tapestries frequently experience fading, particularly when placed in sunlight. Reduce sunlight exposure, rearrange and rotate, regulate humidity and temperature, use protective wrappings, apply UV-protective sprays, seek advice from a professional restorer, steer clear of harsh cleaning solutions, utilise colour-matching remedies, frame or display cases with UV-protective glass, and seek professional assistance for valuable or severe tapestries to minimise damage. These steps aid in maintaining the tapestry's visual appeal.

How Do You Preserve a Tapestry?

To preserve the tapestry properly, one must go through the following recommendations: 

  1. Handle a tapestry with clean hands to prevent it from oils and dirt
  2. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner in low suction to remove the surface dust and debris.
  3. Protect the tapestry from direct sunlight to preserve its colour and vibrancy. 
  4. Keep the humidity of your living area at a standard level.
  5. Roll the tapestry so that the design is facing inside; do not fold
  6. Hang the tapestries in a place that is not very dusty and polluted.  

How To Clean Tapestry Wall Hanging?

There are numerous methods to follow for cleaning a tapestry wall hanging. One can take the tapestries for dry cleaning, but doing this frequently can harm the material of the tapestry and damage the surface.

One can seek out the professionals who are associated with cleaning a tapestry. Their expertise will be a helpful one for cleaning a tapestry.

If the tapestry is not made up of over-particular materials, then one can clean it with a machine cleaning process. Cotton wall tapestries, mainly printed ones, can be washed like tablecloths. It will not create any harm to the design or colour.

For machine wash, please use gentle and cold wash options. Use a small amount of design, which is mild. Washing the tapestries in hot water should be strictly avoided. Please don't put any other clothes in the machine while putting a tapestry into it.


Your tapestry is more than an artwork and helps reflect your style and personality. By following this recommendation, you can enhance the longevity of your unique piece of work and maintain its liveliness as same as the day you hung it first. If you need any other help not mentioned in this, feel free to contact the experts of Home Decor Tapestries.

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