How to Decorate Your Room with Wall Hanging Tapestries: 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to change the looks of your indoor area but in a different way? You can make it unique and captivating by hanging a wall tapestry. Your indoor space can be spiced up by using these beautifully woven artworks.

Tapestries come with different types of designs, such as they may contain nostalgic, historical elements, and contemporary ideas. It can tell stories through each thread and incorporate a sense of aesthetic into your room.

To convert your living area into a cozy haven that will reflect your inner artistic intent. Wall-Hanging Tapestries should be hung following a few tips that will be beneficial to add a spark of elegance.

There are five tips mentioned in this blog that will help you to decorate your room with wall-hanging tapestries.

Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your Room With Tapestries


Select the Proper Size and Place for the Tapestry

    Selection of the size and place to hang are the two critical factors for a tapestry that can excel your interior to a visually pleasing and balanced atmosphere.

    Factors that should be considered for this are measuring the room and wall, proportions of furniture, the area covered by a wall, focal points, eye level, room layout, and testing and adjustment.

    One should measure the size of the room in order to ensure an adequate fit for the wall. An oversized tapestry on a more prominent wall can make a bold statement, and medium tapestries in smaller rooms will help the tapestry prevent cramping.

    Furniture proportions should be considered, with more enormous tapestries complementing larger pieces and smaller ones maintaining proportionality.

    Walls covered with tapestry can create a dramatic effect in your interior space. When a perfect-sized tapestry is hung on the wall it will create a dramatic effect along with the other decorative elements.

    Areas that are the main focus points in your interior like beds or sofas should be decorated in such a way that it can complement your tapestry’s overall design.

    Another important factor to be considered is hanging the tapestry at eye level. Hanging the Tapestry at eye level ensures proper visibility and impact on the viewers.

    The room layout should be considered, with a centrally placed tapestry creating balance and asymmetrical arrangements introducing a dynamic vibe.

    Testing and adjusting the placement can be done by mocking up, adapting to changes, and experimenting with different options.

    Look for the Colors and Patterns

      The next step is to look for a color scheme that creates a cohesive and inviting ambiance. While you are choosing a tapestry, you must take note of the colors and patterns that exist in your existing decor.

      It will help you to determine a tapestry that can complement those elements rather than make them dull or compete with them.

      For example, if your room features neutral color schemes, you must go for a tapestry with vibrant colors. It will inject energy into your interior and help reflect your dynamic personality hidden underneath.

      You can mix patterns as well, such as hanging a tapestry with geometric patterns on a wall with Floral Tapestries. Often, experiments can provide you with an effective outcome. 

      Study the Textures

        The texture is something by which you can add extra depth and visual interest to your interior. If your interior has a good texture, go for some tapestries rich in textures.

        A properly textured tapestry is capable of adding depth and coziness to the interior to create an inviting atmosphere. A handwoven or embroidered tapestry will provide an aesthetically pleasing experience. 

        When you choose a tapestry considering your interior texture, it can effectively complement, and their interplay can elevate the design of your interior space.

        Hang a tapestry with such a texture that can reflect your personality properly and carry your personality too.

        Botanical or Landscape Tapestries are great for nature lovers to bring the outside in. Tapestries with iconic imagery from the past or retro patterns might be preferred by vintage enthusiasts. Your space will reflect your individuality and interests if you choose a theme that speaks to you.

        Personalize the Tapestry With a Theme

          Personalizing your tapestry can make your interior more unique and captivating to the guests. It can be an effective way to express your elegance and artistic sense.

          You can incorporate some themes into the tapestries that have some meaning. Personalized tapestries can properly fit your style as it is completely designed using your preferences. 

          Accessorize and Frame

            Another step to decorating your interior with tapestries includes the application of some thoughtful accessories and framing. This will help you to add an elegant effect to your indoor space.

            For a proper alignment, you can choose string lights, fairy lights, or a decorative rod for framing the tapestry.

            Other decorative elements like rugs, throwscushion covers can add some touch of extra aesthetic to your interior.


            In conclusion, decorating the interior with tapestries will help to add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your home. It has the ability to convert your indoor space into a cozy haven.

            Home Decor Tapestries have a huge collection of tapestries and our experts can guide you with the process of hanging them easily on your walls.

            Also, by following the abovementioned strategies, you can reach a well-balanced and visually enchanting interior.

            So, express your creativity and convert your walls into a canvas for framing thoughts.