Top 10 Best Table Runners to Buy in 2024

In 2024, trends in table decoration are shaping up to unparalleled elegance. Among central elements that can convert a boring, simple table into a visually pleasing work of art, table runners can enhance the refinement of a given space.

Traditional or contemporary styles in forms of decorative elements, colors, and formats complement the room’s decor entirely. It is advisable for table runners to be 1/3rd of the table width with 6 inches of fabric found extended over both ends of the table.

They come in various fabrics that are absorbent, durable, and most importantly classic.  Table runners are a convenient way to add a little style without the need to commit to a full-on tablecloth.

As per the long-lost history books, table runners have been around since Roman and Greek times, as they were frequent during the Middle Ages for decorative avenues. Now they are available everywhere, so it’s better we make it easier for you to wade through options.

1) Medieval Rabbit 2 French Tapestry Table Runner

Medieval Rabbit 2 French Tapestry Table Runner

Step into the medieval mystique with our enchanting Medieval Rabbit 2 Tapestry, a piece curated in the heart of France. Stroll through the opulent halls of the Cluny Museum in Paris, where the intricate tableau originated many centuries ago. It captures the snippet of the unicorn series and the illustrious lady, the tapestry weaves a tale of intrigue. It is adorned with a rich history dating back to 1511, with a Mille-Fleur background as a testament to yesteryear artistry.

So immerse yourself in tradition when you trace fingers through the lush fibers. Composed of 40% cotton, 50% wool, and 10% others, it only showcases refinement. Bring the tableau home which speaks volumes through its quality. This tapestry is more than a mere decorative piece. Let the whispers of the past pretty much enchant the present. Buy Now!

2) Fleur De Lys Blue VII European Table Runner

Fleur De Lys Blue VII European Table Runner

Appreciate the grandeur of royalty with an exquisite Fleur-de-Lys Blue VI TapestryRunner, a regal emblem gracing the pages of history since the 12th century. The intricacies of detail in the tapestry ateliers of Belgium, this piece pays homage to the former royal arms of France. It symbolizes nobility, as it is rendered in resplendent gold against a vivid azure backdrop. Every petal remains delicately intertwined, and each curve is a testament to centuries of prestige and tradition. 

Woven from 100% cotton fibers, the tapestry is more than decorative, The knife-edge finish adorns the luxurious tassels for adding richness to any setting, be it a stately credenza or a formal dining table. The French heritage allure is to be embraced and the home is to be infused with a touch of royal splendor. Buy Now!

3) Bleeding Hearts Red French Tapestry Table Runner

Bleeding Hearts Red French Tapestry Table Runner

Presenting to you the enchantment of a transcendent world through our mesmerizing Jacquard Table Runner named Bleeding Hearts, which we call a masterpiece. It will take your home decor to new heights as it highlights detailed artistry and delicate blossoms, which will enhance dining experiences. 

Take yourself to verdant landscapes of the past where Morris had his artistic genius bloom in flowers or fruits. The intricacies in the technique of weaving the tapestry capture the essence of ethereal designs. Made from 100% cotton, it is woven to form a symphony of color and texture. Feel the caress of an unlined finish as it adorns the table with charm. The floral motifs dance across the fabric and invite you to embrace the splendor and romance of the bygone eras. 

As one decorates the table with an exquisite piece, anyone looking at it will be enthralled by the refinement. So go on and host a lavish dinner party or enjoy quiet evenings at home, as this runner speaks of grandeur. Buy Now!

4) Tree of Life IIII European Table Runner William Morris

Tree of Life IIII European Table Runner William Morris

Venture into wonder with our “Tree of Life IIII European Table Runner”, where spellbinding tapestry remains inspired by the visionary artistry of William Morris. Woven with passion from Belgium’s historic looms, the product brings the allure of the iconic “Tree of Life” to your home. 

Walk through forests where ancient trees stand majestic and tall, with branches reaching out to the heavens. In this landscape, air and land creatures frolic amidst the foliage, weaving tapestries of wonder and harmony.

The table runner has a luxuriously soft texture as it is made out of 100% cotton and beckons to only be caressed. The mirror-style design has trees mirrored on each end, creating a sense of symmetry and balance that is enchanting. Embrace the spirit of this piece and let your home become the sanctuary of beauty. The decorative accent gives it a lasting impression on everyone beholding it. So let your place be a haven of enchantment, where meals are a celebration of nature, art, and the human spirit. Buy Now!

5) Il Bacio II Tapestry Table Runner by Gustav Klim

Il Bacio II Tapestry Table Runner by Gustav Klim

We pay a sumptuous tribute to the artistry and love with our iconic II Bacio II Tapestry Table Runner. Woven in Italy, the exquisite tapestry traps the sensuality of the famous couple, that envelopes the dining room with an aura of passion and romance.

It draws inspiration from Klimt’s beautiful artwork and features twin depictions of an enamored couple. The embrace is immortalized in intricate details and rich hues. Every thread is imbued with romance as it weaves a narrative of love transcending time.

Crafted from viscose and cotton, the delicate gold threads and embellishments add a touch of extravaganza. The tapestry highlights a luminescent quality and dazzling senses. Whether adorning an entryway console or dining room table, it adds color and rejoice to every space.

Pair it with a floral arrangement and decorative vase to create a centerpiece that can spark conversations. The undeniable charm makes it a testament to enduring power and love. Buy Now!

6) Licorne II French Tapestry Table Runner

Licorne II French Tapestry Table Runner

Embark on a tour through time with the Licorne II French Tapestry Table Runner, a sheer treasure woven in France. It is inspired by the Unicorn and illustrious Lady tapestries and captures the beauty of medieval artistry. This table runner is a small, dazzling extract from a range of six tapestries that are housed in the Cluny Museum, in Paris. Take yourself to days of yore where you can marvel at the rich symbolism woven into every thread.

The background is adorned by the Mille-Fleur style which adds dimension and depth to the design. It is made out of wool, cotton, and other fibers in ratios of 50, 40, and 10 respectively, to exude extreme warmth and plushness.

A lining adds stability to the material and makes it durable. Whether you host a party or enjoy a casual meal, this tapestry will turn into the attraction of a gathering! Go ahead, inspire imagination! Buy Now!

7) Fleur De Morris Blue Belgian Table Runner William Morris

Fleur De Morris Blue Belgian Table Runner William Morris

Through this tapestry, we pay tribute to nature’s beauty and the creativity of a celebrated artist, alike. Woven in picturesque Belgium, the table runner showcases exceptional durability and luxurious softness with a 100% cotton composition.

Every thread is imbued with Morris’s visionary artistry, capturing the essence of foliage and blooming flowers in fascinating detail. It remains adorned with delicate tassels and a lining for additional refinement. Let the piece be the crowning jewel of any get-together.

Let the charm of William Morris’s design infuse your home with serenity and finesse. Buy Now!

8) Morris Tree of Life Belgian Table Runner by William Morris

Morris Tree of Life Belgian Table Runner by William Morris

Morris’s legendary artsy genius comes to life through the iconic Tree motif in our Morris Tree of Life Belgian Table Runner. This table runner highlights a run of Chrysanthemums, each blossom filled with optimism and joy. It symbolizes November’s birth flower, adding significance to any space that it is placed in. It could also serve as a thoughtful birthday gift to a loved one. 

It boasts of pleasing hues of red, ivory, blue, and green that remain woven in luxurious, soft threads. The knife-edge finishes and decorative borders add urbane distinction, to make it a great addition to enhancing space. Experience the magic of Morris’s iconic design and elevate your decor to further heights with our Morris Tree of Life weave. Go forth in creating an atmosphere of meaning and elegance! Buy Now!

9) Daffodils White French Tapestry Table Runner

Daffodils White French Tapestry Table Runner

Indulge in the splendor of floral enchantment with Daffodils White French Tapestry Table runner, a masterpiece transporting you to a garden of delight. It is a lush tapestry full of heart-shaped flowers that knit a fairytale in the French countryside, almost. Crafted with exceptional tapestry, it soothes the eyes to the ultimate.

Woven with passion in the historic looms, the exquisite table runners can celebrate nature’s artistry and the beauty of fine arts. Made out of 100% cotton, it ensures a touch delighting the senses with touch and glance. The intricacy of the Jacquard traps the essence of floral and greenish splendor, letting your dining space fill up with an air of grace and sophistication.

If you’re hosting a soiree or having a cozy meal with your loved ones, this runner can add glamour to all occasions. Let it inspire conversations and form lasting memories back at your home. Let us accentuate the already prevalent botanical elegance. The exquisite design would transform any space by celebrating nature’s bounty. Buy Now!

10) Aubusson Red French Tapestry Table Runner

Aubusson Red French Tapestry Table Runner

Invite luxury to a dining setting with this Aubusson Red French Tapestry Table Runner, which can add class to a space. Woven in the core of France, the runner exudes charm and opulence, making you seep into the artistry of fine arts and design.

As it depicts a flower garland on a deep red background, our table runner seemingly celebrates beauty and regality. A blend of wool, cotton, and other fibers curates this masterpiece in the proportions of 50, 40, and 10. Every intricately woven detail spills a story of luxury and grace, that changes a table into a visible work of art.

Elevation of the undeniable charm will be noticed across all dining experiences. So travel back to an era of French romance and elegance with the Aubusson Red Tapestry Table Runner. Let the colors and designs keep inspiring conversations and creating lasting memories. Buy Now!


Finding a suitable table runner for complementing home decor is not about the enhancement of aesthetics alone but about adding a touch of style and personality to the space. Each one of these top 10 table runners encapsulates uniqueness, style, and elegance, making them the perfect addition to dining experiences.

In this blog, a plethora of materials, patterns, and designs have been explored, that can cater to various preferences. Whether you lean towards classic designs, contemporary flair, modern patterns, or timeless allure,  the diverse, exquisite set of table runners from here would match your taste. Home Decor Tapestry commits to curating the finest selection of home accents.