Terrace in Provence French Tapestry
Terrace in Provence French Tapestry
Terrace in Provence French Tapestry
Terrace in Provence French Tapestry
Terrace in Provence French Tapestry

Terrace in Provence French Tapestry

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Woven In: Woven in France
History: "Terrace in Provence" transports viewers into the heart of rural France, framed by a rustic window. Within the courtyard, a serene fountain, intricately adorned, whispers tales of ancient Provencal life. Sitting chairs invite quiet contemplation amidst fragrant roses and potted plants, their charm enhanced by a nearby watering can. In the backdrop, a weathered storage building stands as a testament to time, while beyond the stone walls lies the picturesque French countryside. Muted tones of tan, green, and blue dominate, capturing the essence of Provence's timeless allure. This jacquard-woven masterpiece, crafted in France, evokes nostalgia for lazy afternoons amidst nature's embrace. "Terrace in Provence" is not just a tapestry but a gateway to a world where simplicity and beauty intertwine, inviting viewers to savor the tranquility of rural life.
Artist: NO
Composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Viscose and Polyester Blend
Finish: Tapestry is backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging

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H 58" x W 42" 3.0 lb

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