How to Hang a Tapestry Without Nails: 7 Easy Tips

If you've ever wanted to hang a tapestry but hesitated at the thought of hammering nails into your walls, you're in the right place. Our guide is designed to offer you simple, effective, and wall-friendly methods to display your tapestries without damaging your wall.

Whether you're living in a rental, dealing with delicate wall surfaces, or simply looking for a nail-free solution, these tips will transform the way you decorate. Get ready to enhance your house with tapestries, all without leaving a single mark on your walls. Let's  explore these hassle-free hanging techniques!

7 Easy Ways To Hang Tapestry On Wall Without Nails


1. Use Adhesive Hooks

Who doesn't want to hang a tapestry on the wall that will not leave any trace behind? Adhesive hooks are the most trusted substitute for that.

These adhesive hooks can be easily removed and will not leave any trace behind. Home decor tapestries have a vast collection of adhesive hooks that suit your needs.

The easiest method for hanging a wall tapestry is this one if you live in a rental or move around a lot. It's easy to put up and take down whenever you need to.

2. Use Velcro for Versatility

This is ideal for holding a tapestry if your landlord is anti-nails. The security deposit is fully reimbursed if there is no wall damage. If you want your favorite tapestry to look perfect, use Velcro on all the corners to keep it precise and tight.

So, there's no need to search further if you're looking for tapestry hanging options without dealing with nails, clips, hooks, and nails.

3. Curtain Rods: Simple & Chic

Curtain rods are another effective way to hang the tapestry on the wall. First, choose a curtain rod that properly fits in your tapestry. As a tapestry deserves an aesthetic look and feel, choose a rod that can complement its overall appearance.

The rod must be adequately entered through the holes of the tapestry. When the combination of rod and tapestry is set then hang it on the area where it fits well.

This is a simple and elegant solution that you can use to add a touch of elegance to your home. Just thread the rod through the top edge of the tapestry.

4. Frame It

An effortless but effective way to hang a tapestry is to frame it. You have to choose a simple frame that will fit on your walls. Mark the desired location and your tapestry with frame will turn your interior into a piece of artistic haven.

This method is popular when you are looking to hang your tapestry without nails. A framed tapestry will carry the overall aesthetic and not cause harm to the walls.

5. Tension Rods: Effortless Installation 

Tension Rods can be another option for those who don't want to make any holes in their walls. You have to adjust the tension rod to fit your wall's width.

After that, place it between the rod and the wall. Not only is this method simple, but it also lets you quickly change out the tapestries in your room whenever you want a fresh look.

6. Display Easels

Place an easel near the area you want to place your tapestry. Now, just like a canvas, you can fit the tapestry into the easel. Place the easel on a side table and allow the tapestry to stand tall as a unique piece of art. 

7. Command Strips: Stick to Style

Command Strips are a gift for those who love tapestries but need a damage-free solution. Your favorite tapestry can be supported by the weight of these fantastic adhesive strips without damaging your wall in the slightest.

You must press your tapestry onto the wall after attaching the strips to the back. And guess what? Your tapestry is firmly fixed, and the strips are removed easily when it's time for a change.


It's only sometimes challenging to hang a tapestry without using any nails. Using these seven simple methods to transform your living space, you can easily express your personality and style without damaging your walls.The options are endless: tension rods for easy installation, Velcro for versatility, or Command Strips for simplicity.

We at Home Decor Tapestries think that redecorating your space should be enjoyable and stress-free. Examine these simple hanging choices and allow tapestries to take center stage in your living area. A house is ultimately defined by its minor details.

Recall that your tapestry is more than simply a piece of fabric—it's a style statement and a narrative element for your home.