10 Simple Ways to Frame a Tapestry


Tapestry is considered to be one of the most unique and creative ways to elevate the charm of your interior space. It can narrate stories with every single thread and intricate design.

The popularity of tapestry has recently increased as people are keen to decorate their interior with unique kinds of art pieces, and tapestry is one of them. But these visually stunning art pieces should be protected in such a way that their classic elegance and rich history are also kept intact.

Framing a tapestry is one of the best ways to do this. It not only protects the fabric of the tapestry but also cares for the overall aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we will discuss how to frame a tapestry and ten popular ways to do that.

Why Should One Frame A Tapestry?

Why Should One Frame A Tapestry? 

Tapestries are crafted from premium materials like jacquard loom, which makes them more prone to wear and tear. Hence, a wall-hanging tapestry should be placed in a way that nothing can cause harm to it.

Framing can provide effective protection from outside dust, sunlight, and physical damage. A well-chosen tapestry frame can complement the design and color scheme of the tapestry. It may incorporate an extra layer of sophistication to its overall visual appearance.

With frames, you can exchange your tapestry's appearance to fit your interior decor better. You can express your style with a wide range of options, from sleek and modern to ornate and vintage frames.

10 Popular Ways To Frame A Tapestry 

  • Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are always the first and foremost choice for framing a tapestry. It is the most used method of framing and can provide your tapestry with a classic look and feel. Make sure the finishing of the frame is well-executed and fits in the overall color scheme of the tapestry.

  • Framing In A Canvas 

Adding a canvas frame to the tapestry is an aesthetic and sophisticated choice. Regardless of which material the canvas is constructed from, it will always draw attention to your tapestry.

  • Floating Frames 

It is one of the most modern and minimalistic options that can frame the tapestry even without making the border visible. Modern home interiors incorporate this style to stand out on its own.

  • Shadow Box Frames

By creating a gap between the glass and tapestry, shadow box frames provide depth to the display. It helps to create a unique 3D appeal to the tapestry.

  • Matting Of Fabric

Consider using fabric matting to frame the tapestry. This technique can compliment the overall texture of the tapestry. This gives the artwork a smooth transition from the frame to the addition of a tactile element.

  • Frames Of Bamboo

If you have purchased a bohemian or nature-themed tapestry, then framing it with bamboo can be a lightweight and eco-friendly option. The natural appearance of bamboo will help to incorporate an organic feel.

  • Rustic Barnwood Frames

Rustic barnwood frames can add warmth and a unique personality to your tapestry. This frame will help in providing a more rustic and farmhouse look. 

  •  Double Matting

People choose this framing option because of its polished and sophisticated look. Double matting not only adds depth but also makes it captivating to the viewers.

  • DIY Frame 

One can unleash their creativity using decorative molding. This framing option helps in adding a personalized touch to your tapestry. 

  • Ornate Gold Frame

Use an elaborate gold frame to add a touch of luxury to your tapestry. This selection produces a wonderfully striking contrast when paired with rich, colorful tapestry designs.


In conclusion, this discussion completely focused on how to frame a tapestry. Framing a tapestry stands for a transformative process that enhances your artwork and incorporates both aesthetic and creative feel. From protecting the tapestry's quality to enhancing its visual appeal, framing a tapestry provides you with a range of benefits. 

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Can You Put a Tapestry in a Frame?

Yes, you can easily frame a tapestry to protect its timeless elegance. There are various methods of framing a tapestry are discussed above. One can choose any one of those according to their choice and tapestry style.

Should Tapestry Be Framed Under Glass?

One can frame the tapestry under a glass screen, as glass can protect the tapestry from external dust and damage. But it may cause some visual impacts too. 

What Size Do I Need for Tapestry?

A tapestry should be always based on your wall size and interior space. Consider the size of your interior and the placement of furniture in your room. 

How Do You Frame a Small Woven Tapestry?

A small woven tapestry can be framed using a shadow box or floating frame to create depth. All you have to look after is ensuring the frame’s dimensions match the tapestry.

How Do You Frame a Tapestry for Hanging?

To frame a hanging tapestry you can choose a suitable frame style like a wooden frame, golden, or floating frame. These frames can complement the tapestry’s design effectively. Place the tapestry within the frame and ensure it is perfectly centered. 

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